{brief album review} Amphisbaena‏ – Amphisbaena (by Robert Lombardo)

{brief album review} Amphisbaena‏ – Amphisbaena (by Robert Lombardo)

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Amphisbaena‏ CD/MLP
Iron Bonehead
Release: 9 September 2016

Amphisbaena‏ is Canadian death metal band, including two musicians from Antediluvian and one from Rites of Thy Degringolade!

The EP comes with 4 songs just, but, looking above, to the line-up, you may got an idea what the kind of musick sounds of here! Of course! Sick and disbolical death metal with sick attitude and darkest atmosphere.

Death metal with black metal elements, made in proper old-school type, with both slow and fast rhythms. Most obscure parts are those typical slow and archaic rhythms, with slow both drumming and guitars together with sick growls.

This EP would be great gift for fans into sick and diabolically atmospheric old-school death/black metal, also for those who like really dark atmosphere and rhythm-section killing thresholds!

I recommend Amphisbaena!

Cheers from France / Rob

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