Review: VARGSANG – Werewolf of Wysteria

Review: VARGSANG – Werewolf of Wysteria

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vargsangVargsang – Werewolf of Wysteria
Undercover Records

So, I decided to focus on this band, and especially on this album launched in 2014 by Undercover Records. I am warning you: German Black Metal at its best. I don’t want to trouble the waters but, this release is a masterpiece that every black metal fan collector should have it. I can explain you why. I have listened and relistened to this album, it’s really a masterpiece. Black metal played with sharpness and precision at all points of view. Dark atmospheres, robust and ravageous guitar riffs, solid well played drums, killer vocals. What do you want more from an old school black metal style band.

But let me remind you that Vargsang is not one of those ‘’misanthropic hellish’’ black metal dogma who pretend to be kvlt. No. They’re trve and honest. There’s a Scandinavian Black Metal approach on this monolithic production. Not only tha label, but also the fans of early Scandinavian black metal scene would be proud to support this band since the first listening. I was really impressed by the track with the same title as the album’s title. Some excellent guitar riffs, sombrous atmospheres that will blow your mind. I can say Vargsang has got some tremendous aggressive vocals to remember and the blasphemous destroyer drumming work of Goatruler.

On the other side what I realized is not only the fact that the production excellent, but also this album is e gem if you are looking for the most extreme elements of a Trve Vampyric Black Metal. Another track I enjoyed so much is ‘’And Death calls from Beyond’’. Guys trust me, this album is a gem. For those who are still unfamiliar with Vargsang, I am giving some extra information about: The Split with Armaggedon confirmed them as one of the most Elitarian Black Metal Bands on the international Black Metal scene. The fast played parts are the strong point of this album. I don’t want to limit and define the essence of this production, you’ll find everything there. All the structure of the entire album is a combination of mid-tempo parts and bombastic very brutal grim speedy parts well structured and harmonized with professionalism. You will feel the tempo variations in every minute. What I especially enjoyed from this album is guided by every extreme guitar parts and a demonic work on drums. Two elements consolidated which give the entire album an eternal value.

The artcover is kvlt as it used to be. Germans must be proud to have such great bands like this with a very high class elitarian sense of grim black metal.

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