{brief album review} Fractal Cypher – The Human Paradox (by Robert Lombardo)

{brief album review} Fractal Cypher – The Human Paradox (by Robert Lombardo)

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fractalcypher_coverFractal Cypher
The Human Paradox
Release: 7 September 2016

The next unsigned Canadian band – Fractal Cypher.

Nine tracks of progressive metal. I’m really not a big fan of rogressive metal, BUT, I like some bands within this style, rare but I do.

After careful listening to this album I have found it enough interesting for me, not enough to buy their CD for example, but enough to listen to it and to get some positive feelings while listening.

Songs structure is typical for prog metal, plenty of keys, clear yet emotional vocals (sometimes mixed with roars), and of course reach rhythm-section, with both raging and relaxing guitars, some deep melodies and so on. Some songs even have really top-notch and freezing parts, just like Imminent Extinction song. As a whole, The Human Paradox sounds very good and I’ll obviously return to this record in the future. Strong and recommended album, for those who like listen to vortex of guitar tunes, catching guitar solos and clear production!

If you are into bands like Dream Theater, Sonata Arctica, Kamelot, to name a few, then you will be surprised with FC music!

Cheers from France! / Rob

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