{brief album review} Chariots of The Gods – Ages Unsung (by Robert Lombardo)

{brief album review} Chariots of The Gods – Ages Unsung (by Robert Lombardo)

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chariots_of_the_gods_-_ages_unsung_album_coverChariots of The Gods
Ages Unsung
Release: 16 September 2016

Hm, Chariots of the Gods is a Canadian band. Ages Unsung is their second album so far, and the next album, released without help from some label.

Album contains 10 songs, and that is really hard for me to define their music by one word… I have heard some melodic death metal tunes, then some modern metalcore shits, then some heavy metal etc… For me this album is not interesting at all, because I do not like those nu/core/alternative poor sounds for young girls from Primary School… The only interesting things for me personally were couple of guitar solos and couple of a bit similar to classical heavy metal rhythm-guitar pieces. Sometimes they sounds like some core-alternative band, sometimes like the band who would like to share the stage with In Flames or Dark Tranquility etc… Musicians can use their instruments on a high level, but their music is only for a few, who really like such kind of music.

Maybe fans of modern music will like Chariots of The Gods, but those who are info pure metal – will not definitely. For me those 42 minutes were waste of my time, so if you listen to real metal – then I do not recommend this band for you as one of your new CD on the shelf…

Cheers from France / Rob

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