{brief album review} Solar Mass “Pseudomorphosis” (by Robert Lombardo)

{brief album review} Solar Mass “Pseudomorphosis” (by Robert Lombardo)

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solar_mass_-_coverSolar Mass
Pseudomorphosis TAPE/CD/12″ MLP
Iron Bonehead

Out today! but only on Cassette format, for die hard fans of Underground demos and EP’s.

Two musicians from Solar Mass line-up are anonymous for me, but one of them – B.S. – is very known person for me because of his participation in Diocletian!

So, five tracks (including intro and outro) on around 18:30 minutes.

Musically here is mixture of doomy heavy metal, based on low tuned, mid paces, with death metal (to the fact – those death metal tunes reminds me early Morbid Angel alot, but with not typical for MA drive). Sometimes marching, sometimes just shredding, and sometimes just doomy way slow. The entire sound sounds nice as for first EP, suck clunk and low tuned, with some monstrous notes.

To be honest, I’m not enough impressed because of short playing time, I mean, once you’ll deeply digging the stuff, there is the end of an EP… From the other hand – this is just first EP, so I’ll be able to listen to Solar Mass entire album near time, when musicians will be ready to unleash it.

Cheers from France / Rob

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