Review: Deströyer 666 “Wildfire”

Review: Deströyer 666 “Wildfire”

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Deströyer_666DESTRÖYER 666 “Wildfire”
Season of Mist

When it’s said with aplomb in press release: “There is no core, no post, no bullshit on this album – just great hard hitting song“, such statements are perceived skeptically. And the next words like: “the band have nothing in common with a bunch of kids trying to emulate the eighties, but live and breathe metal since that golden age of hard music” are causes never listen to the album, for not to be disappointed one more time. Because the advertisement is always lying.

However, I hasten to please that an upcoming album from Deströyer 666 is exactly as described in press release. That old school, that “applies to a point, but without any clinging to simple nostalgia“.

Deströyer 666, initially a solo project of Bestial Warlust guitarist K.K. Warslut. And after a long break (last LP Defiance was released in 2009) there comes new album – Wildfire.

Nine skull crushing tracks are gorgeous. That’s exactly an old school thrash-metal in all its best. The big four of 80’s – that’s the great example. And, it seems, the inspire of Deströyer 666 musicians.

From the firs track, “Traitor” there goes an infernal thrash stuff: solid and uncompromising guitar riffs and solos, fast and clear work of rhythm-section and the vocals, of course. Low and harsh, as it needs to be in thrash, or suddenly aggressive-high, more inherent to Rob Halford from Judas Priest. Undoubtedly, if not the whole album will go to the metalheads play-list, but surely “Wildfire”, “Tamam Shud” and “Hymn To Dionysus”. Well, the song cannot be ignored, at least because of the name – “Die You Fucking Pig!”. Yeah, old school thrash in all its best, you know.

However, it should be noted some clichés in the album. Sometimes, while listening to Wildfire there can be caught some thoughts like: “Ok, something similar was in Master of Puppets. And this is very cognate to Reign in Blood”. No, I don’t want to say that Deströyer 666 are plagiarists. But the style frames, in which K.K., second guitarist Ro, bassist Felipe and drummer Perra are painted themselves, are pretty narrow. Thence there are clichés and reiterations. But it doesn’t make an album worse.

Anyway, a hell piece of metal, heavy, solid and merciless, guarantied.

Wildfire will be released in February, 26, at Season of Mist label.

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