Exclusive premiere: RAUHNÅCHT “​Unterm Gipfelthron” @ Debemur Morti

Exclusive premiere: RAUHNÅCHT “​Unterm Gipfelthron” @ Debemur Morti

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With a whisper of forgotten times, something rises in the Austrian mist. RAUHNÅCHT returns to the fray with his greatest work yet, Unterm Gipfelthron. Here is exclusive album premiere in full:

Pushing the boundaries of the cold black metal sound heard on previous releases, Unterm Gipfelthron presents a new level of depth and evolution for the band. Furious black metal riffs, screams, and blast beats collide with victorious melodies, mystic folk instrumentation, eerie synths, and otherworldly chanting to evoke forgotten times and alpine landscapes. Elements of magical dark ambient and dungeon synth bisect these pagan battle hymns, moments of calm that both precede and follow the storms to come.

This is a hidden jewel, plucked from the furthest reaches of windswept forest dreaming.

With this record, RAUHNÅCHT continues to codify a sound all his own, and sets a new standard for future releases to follow.

Line up:
Stefan Traunmüller – Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Shruti Box, Keyboards and Effects

Session musicians:
Yurii Kononov – Drums and Percussion
Vittorio Sabelli – Clarinet
Hyvermor – Flute
Sparda – Backing Vocals
Christopher Mayr – Backing Vocals
Stefan Karl – Backing Vocals
Ines Kienesberger – Backing Vocals

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