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ABORTED, SOILWORK, SEPULTURA, KREATOR – 6 feb 2017, Amager Bio, Copenhagen

When I knew that KREATOR will play nearby (from Malmö we need only to cross the bridge and trains go really often) I could only to think about this and wonder how to do it to come there! The gig was on Monday and I’m working, so it wasn’t so easy. Fortunately, at least in this case, I was sick and didn’t went to work since Wednesday before the gig. So the only thing I had to do was staying sick longer than I really was. I know, I lied and I’ll burn in hell for that. But firstly there are much better bands in hell play than in heaven and secondly KREATOR is worth of EVERY sacrifice, or what?!?

On weekend I could hardly concentrate myself on writing reviews or anything else. I had only thought “Soon I’ll see KREATOR!!!” on my mind and counted days, then hours to go. And finally this day had come!!! A trip took a little bit longer than I thought, but I was on time to meet my Metal brother who lives in Copenhagen. When we met each other finally (he was a little late) we went to take metro to go to the place. In meantime we drunk some whiskey of course – it was blowing cold wind, so we needed something what will warm us a little…

After some perturbations we took metro in wrong direction, but since they go every three minutes or something like that it wasn’t so big problem and we came to Amager Bio. The place was full of people, which of course wasn’t any surprise for me. KREATOR doesn’t play every weekend in Copenhagen, so I’m sure that people came there from whole Denmark. Well, not only Denmark as you can see on my example (but there was only one more guy from Malmö – I met him in train when I was going back from the gig). Anyway, it seems that we were a little late because after we bought t-shirts and hoodies SOILWORK started to play. And I know that ABORTED played first.

How can I know this?!? Well, I got to know it after the same gig from my other buddy that was in Stockholm two days later, so… Anyway, it pissed me off as hell coz I like ABORTED very much and I was interested the most to see them except KREATOR! But what can I to do?!? I can only hope that I’ll have opportunity to see this excellent band soon!!! SOILWORK played as second band this evening. And to be honest, I didn’t care about them at all!!! I heard one song on YouTube and it was enough for me. I’m mostly rather open-minded, but somehow this song made me totally indifferent to their music. I did anything wrong to listen to this anymore and I absolutely hadn’t lust to see them. Instead I preferred to use this time for talk with my friend from Copenhagen and drink some beer. By the way, I know from buddies’ tales that they gave a good show.

When guys from Hel(l)singborg finished to play there was a relative short break after which SEPULTURA entered the stage. Well, for me, and a lot of people, there is only a name from this band. I mean, long time ago it’s not SEPULTURA anymore – in music meaning. I had never anything against radical style changing but in such case they should change also their names!!! Then they can create whatever they want. The fact is that there’s still Andreas and Paulo from the best known SEPULTURA’s line-up, but… Anyway, three Brazilians and one American gave quite good show. Unfortunately for me there were only two moments worth attention during their show: when they played “Inner Self” and “Arise”. But it doesn’t change the fact that in general it wasn’t bad performance. Of course Derrick isn’t Max and Eloy isn’t Igor, but…  Anyway, since Max left the band there’s only Andreas who play guitar there and this is hearable – music is poorest, even if Andreas does what he can.

And FINALLY we got what we came there to Amager Bio – KREATOR!!! We can say everything about this living legend of Metal scene, but not that they don’t put whole heart when they play alive!!! It was one of the best gigs that I have ever seen (during all these years I saw really a lot of bands alive)!!! I didn’t count, but I think that Mile, Ventor, “Speecy” and Sami played something about at least one and a half hour. Time was going fast thank to really great show which we was witnesses of. Guys (except Ventor – from objective reasons) were moving or maybe even better to say they were flying on the whole stage all the time and it wasn’t only some simple, if we can use this word here, headbanging. We had also some spurts of fire which were gushing from time to time on both sides of stage plus some video presentation on the background. There’s no sense to name all songs which guys played this evening coz there were really a lot of them and I think that it could be a little annoying. Of course most of them was from their newest album ‘Gods of Violence’ (by the way, very good one), but there was also place for some of their most known songs ever, songs which will be always deep in every Metal maniac’s heart of (especially from this older generation): “Extreme Aggression” or “Pleasure to kill”. Crowd under the stage was crazy almost like in Poland (there live many Polish Metalheads in Copenhagen, so probably it had something to do one with another) – maybe not all the time and with not so many maniacs inside, but there was moshing as it should be on Metal gig. It was because of music, of course, which invited us to do this, but also because of great interaction between Mile and the crowd.

To sum up we have to say that KREATOR not only once was, but still is and I’m sure that always will be one of the best bands ever when it’s about playing gigs!!! Their music alive sounds even better and fresher than when we listen to it in domesticity. It was memorable experience for everyone who was there – that’s what I’m sure about. And I’ll repeat it once again: KREATOR is worth of every sacrifice on the world!!!

I even didn’t know that one more sacrifice waits on me. It came when I was on the road back to this scrub where I have to live now. I had to spend a half of night on the station in Malmö pending the train. But who cares?!? I could even wait whole day if it’d be necessary!!! The most important was, is and always will be that I SAW KREATOR!!!!

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Bart Tomaszewski

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