Review: PAIN TANK “97,901,726 Confirmed Kills”

Review: PAIN TANK “97,901,726 Confirmed Kills”

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PAIN TANK “97,901,726 Confirmed Kills”

When seeing the name Pain Tank you probably can guess that you are in for a devastating and head stomping listen, and really that’s exactly what they provide. “97,901,726 Confirmed Kills” is the name of Pain Tank’s newest effort and it provides you with thirteen  bare bones grind tunes that get your head nodding right from the drop of the first note. This record is stripped down, no frills, no bullshit and all glorious grind content for you to smash your brain around to. Each song is wonderfully crafted to provide you with a chaotic and savage listen that won’t soon leave your head.

“97,901,726 Confirmed Kills” is an anger fueled record which is definitely palpable. You can feel all of that once you begin listening and then some as Pain Tank lays it all out there. Pain Tank doesn’t hold back on this record as they provide you with thought provoking and head caving grind for you to shred your ear drums on and just enjoy the chaos in general. There isn’t anything on this record that isn’t grind and there aren’t any fillers within this record either which ultimately provides you with thirteen straight songs of grind barbarity.

This is just one fucking grit filled and pissed off record as it should be. Pain Tank are pure grind through and through and there just isn’t confusing that at all. “97,901,726 Confirmed Kills” is just a disgustingly powerful and terrifying record to listen to as it is in your face constantly from track one all the way through to track thirteen. It punches you in the mouth and generally assaults you from every angle for thirteen straight songs, but no matter how beat to shit you look after listening you still want to keep coming back for more grind mayhem.

“97,901,726 Confirmed Kills” is the embodiment of grind and what it was when grind first came around some thirty years ago. This is a mayhem and anger filled record that cleans your clock more than once and not only that but it provides you with some great grind tunes that you can listen to over and over again. “97,901,726 Confirmed Kills” is a great record and is sure to please any grind fan that comes across it.

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