Gig report: Heilung @ December 6th, Lviv, Ukraine

Gig report: Heilung @ December 6th, Lviv, Ukraine

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About feeling

Heilung is not just music. It’s an ancient immerse world that is hiding inside all of us but we don’t even think about it. And when this world wakes up, we dive deep into it and stay there for a long time: there we have our roots, our Alpha and Omega, the start of everything and the end.

Heilung is not an ordinary show. I don’t even know how to call what happens on stage; I guess, we use the word “show” just because we don’t know how to call it better. When musicians stand on stage in the circle, holding their hands, you also join them in some magician ritual, which shows you that ancient world you always wanted to reach. It’s a whole life that we live in an hour and a half of the show. Every sound, every move and every atom tells you a story that you will never hear anymore! Mesmerizing! I felt like a snake, hypnotized by fakir: you don’t even notice when your body starts to move with the music, and… You feel that you not in this time, not in this world. It’s amazing!

Heilung are not just musicians. They are historians, actors and storytellers. With them we can not only hear, but see and touch some ancient scripts and people who wrote them long time ago, not physically but mentally. It’s magic!

About place

Lviv is the old magic city, so it’s not surprising that Heilung started their tour from here. The concert was played in the national circus, but I imaged that I was in some ancient amphitheater; that it’s not XXI century, but something like VIII. Circus is like an old arena: everything is in circle, you can see the things great and the sound was good also. But there is a little nuance: our circus was built for the kids, so the rows are very narrow. Our Viking boys are not that small and it was very tight for them. Nevertheless, nobody broke a neck, so it’s all good.

About people

People, you are amazing! There was a great support from the crowd. Some guys brought horns, someone was wearing a pelt and many guys were looking like real Vikings! Also there were some guys with their own drums and thanks to them we haven’t got bored because of the gig’s delay. I guess, you should bring your own music instruments to every concert, just in case. During the show the crowd came to the scene chanting and headbanging. To make a long story short, support was great. We are great!

About organization

It was my first time when I was in the circus; honestly I don’t like them. The only profit is that you can see everything and the sound was good. Also we had some issues on entrance, it happened already twice in Lviv with me: people who checked the tickets had no guest list so we needed to find out where are this list and how should we enter, because those who checked tickets said it’s not their business. But after all we entered and everything was good (thanks to Melissa of Solver Productions who has handle band’s logistics), it took something like 30 minutes to solve these issues. Also there were janitors (or doormen) who were unnecessary at such events, I think. When the crowd wanted to move closer to the stage, janitors didn’t allow doing this (while band’s security guys were good with this). Yeah, this was a crowd of metalheads but they are well-behaved and nobody wanted to get on stage or something else. When some fans slamming near the stage and raising their horns – it’s great and musicians also glad to see this. But janitors raised in Soviet Union don’t know it and don’t allow it. Oh, well…


All in all, after the Heilung‘s gig I feel like I was in space. It’s very hard for me to get the right words to describe my feelings. Heilung are incredible! They are like fire and water, I can see them endlessly and it would not be enough. What I want is to dive into ancient and infinite world with you again and again.

Photo report coming shortly!

Thanks to Cshow for bringing Heilung in Ukraine!

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