Review: SLAYER “The Repentless Killogy – Live At The Forum In Inglewood, CA” [Nuclear Blast Records]

Review: SLAYER “The Repentless Killogy – Live At The Forum In Inglewood, CA” [Nuclear Blast Records]

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With their recent last ever live performance, the world said goodbye to Slayer and with that, their storied almost forty years career. As one of the most influential bands ever in extreme metal, what more can be said about Slayer, nothing and that’s why the music justifiably should do all of the talking and on this live document of their last live jaunt, it certainly does just that.

The Repentless Killogy captures the band live at The Forum in Inglewood, Los Angeles and sees the band, original members vocalist/bassist Tom Arya and guitarist Kerry King alongside longtime members in drummer Paul Bostaph and guitarist Gary Holt in fine form as they thrash through all their classic tracks both old and new. The only problem with this is which songs to pick to play and while there is a fine balance between those older and newer tracks, there was always going to be the issue of Slayer having to miss out on some classic songs and the likes of Altar Of Sacrifice, Dittohead, Captor Of Sin and Spirit In Black aren’t included in the set. However, the wealth of material that the band play is simply an undisputed collection of some of the best metal songs ever created , with songs like Raining Blood, South Of Heaven, Seasons In The Abyss, War Ensemble, Hell Awaits, Dead Skin Mask and Chemical Warfare alongside deeper cuts such as Born Of Fire and recent tracks Cast The Fire Stone, When The Stillness Comes, You Against You and Repentless. The set ends the only way it could with a vicious rendition of their most infamous and best-loved anthem, the mighty Angel Of Death and ends the relentless assault on a sheer high.

There is a rawness here that encapsulates Slayer in their ideal environment and while the sound will never capture the intensity of seeing the band in the flesh, the Repentless Killogy does a good job of depicting the phenomenon that is the live side of Slayer and is a worthy testament to the band and their live show.

Slayer are dead. Long live Slayer!

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