Review: Grenouer “Unwanted Today”

Review: Grenouer “Unwanted Today”

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grenouerGrenouer “Unwanted Today”
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2015 have passed, but there are some releases that cannot be not mentioned.

One of them is a new album from Saint-Petersburg band Grenouer – Unwanted Today.

Grenouer is one of those underestimated bands. Formed in 1993 (yes, it’s 23 years) and played definitely different music. But we will not go to the band’s death-metal past. There is new (relatively) album.

There are some really good albums, which can bring aesthetic pleasure while listening to them. Some albums that not bend your mind – they can be looped as nice background. And there are some ” thought-provoking” albums, which rise some important issues and cause to ponder.

Unwanted Today – is all of these. An album that wants to listen. Modern-alt-metal, alt-rock, prog and God knows what else. Vigorous mix for the masses.

An album opens with “Awake” intro. After it first same titled song, an impact wave of release.

Unwanted Today sounds very smooth. But its almost 45 minutes includes some alternative (Marylin Manson without shocking), social “Something Really Bad”, melancholic “Point of No Return” and “On a Rainy Day” (there is atmospheric and gloomy video for this song). And of course “Blossing In the Dust” which must be mentioned at least because of first words “How do you make peace with troubles?”

This is a record that will catch your mind and will be in your playlist for a long time, or will not catch it at all. Depends on personal attitude to alternative music. Especially experimental.

But it worth the try to listen to it. Once, at least.

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