HEAVYDEATH premiere new video

HEAVYDEATH premiere new video

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As a teaser for their imminent debut album for Svart Records, heavy death merchants Heavydeath premiere the new video “Ascending” at heavily trafficked web portal CVLTNation.com. Named one of CVLT Nation’s “Top 6 New Bands You Must Hear Today” HERE, or right here:
Heavydeath was formed with the purpose of creating and playing some kind of “heavy death” music. The music is recorded as a trio. No frills: just guitar, bass, drums, and some vocals on top/inside of it. To date, Heaydeath have recorded four demos, alternately released on cassette and digital formats. And as we await that Svart debut, go (heavily) beyond the realms of death with the “Ascending” video HEREor right here:
Slated for early 2015 release via Svart, the debut album of Heavydeath was recorded under rather simple conditions in the summer of 2014: simply a drum-kit, a bass, and a guitar and with no overdubs. In the landscapes of heavy riffs, there are also some chanting vocals here and there in the songs, too. As the band state, “We have, just like the previous demo recordings, tried to keep the material straight and ‘primitive’ in the same Heavydeath style. We enjoy creating small details like morbid dis-harmonies and melodies in the riffs, but we have also tried to make it sound a little different than previous recordings. It would be boring if the album sounds exactly like the demo recordings. One thing is, for sure, it sounds heavy as death.”
Title, full tracklisting, and release date for Heavydeath‘s imminent debut album for Svart to be announced shortly. Death is heavy, heavy is death…
Heavydeath lineup
Johan Bäckman – electric bass guitar
Daniel Moilanen – drums
Nicklas Rudolfsson – electric guitar, vocals


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