Haiduk “Spellbook” review

Haiduk “Spellbook” review

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Haiduk “Spellbook”

Haiduk Music Inc.

One-man project here. As for me, usually alone musicians are playing Black Metal, or Dark Ambient, but another kind of music – rare. So now we have the deal with such rare thing. Canadian man – Luka Milojica playing and recording pretty catchy Death Metal. The truth is – his Death Metal mixed with some other styles, like Heavy, Black and Thrash, and it sounds awesome. Music is forming pure whirlpool which falling onto the listener, captivating by its dark overflows. Pretty talent!!! Beside this, the whole music (just like cover art) is impregnated with the magic and occultism, what makes his music more monolithic! Pretty powerful release!



(c) Dan Lordsinned

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