Ildverden entire album stream

Ildverden entire album stream

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Ildverden – first Ukrainian language black metal band from the Crimea. It was formed in 2007 in Simferopol. The group is one man-band since its formation to the present day. In 2010 released first self-titled album “Ildverden” (recorded as early as 2007) on the independent label A.G.D. Productions. The second album, “Path to Eternal Frost and Fire” (written in 2008) officially released never was. In 2013 it was recorded “De khmary plachut'” – the first album, the lyrics of which were written entirely in Ukrainian. The album was laid out in free access by the author in 2014.

“Temnich Chorna Jde Za Mnoyu” (“Black Midnight Follows Me”) – the new album is the only member of the project – is a classic old school black metal impregnated characteristic for this style of darkness, aggression and depression shares. The lyrics of the first albums of pagan subjects significantly stepped aside existentialism and anti-christianity.


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