INFERNAL WAR ”AXIOM” REVIEW [written by Dan Ross]

INFERNAL WAR ”AXIOM” REVIEW [written by Dan Ross]

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It’s pretty amazing how Infernal War gained respect and fame among the extreme metal maniacs, releasing just two full lengths in 2005 and 2007.

At that time ‘Terrorfront’ and ‘Redesekration’ made the boom, thanks an incredible raw fury enclose in a bunch of songs became cult like ‘Dechristianized by Parabellum’ or ‘Spill the dirty blood of Jesus’.
Designated as the successors of Marduk and Dark Funeral, the Polish combo slow down the production releasing just an EP in 2009 and a split with the industrial black metallers Kriegsmaschine in 2010.
I was a little bit worried for this new album: a long break, a mysterious title, a weird cover…Did Infernal War softened their sound just like also a lot of historical name of the black metal scene?
Every doubt was blown away after 5 seconds of ‘Coronation’. The fury, the hate, the devastation are still there. But for sure something is changed. The sound of Infernal War is not anymore an instant shot from a rifle in your face, but is closer to a knife wound in the stomach. The guitar riffing is more complex and various, the drum change continually pattern in a grinding style and the production is powerful and clear.

The usual ultra-fast accelerations, often left the place to something different and personal, closer to a death metal style. This sound development is like a double sharped blade: from a side Triumphator and Co. made a step forward, improving on technique and songwriting, from the other side, sometimes the songs seems to miss fluidity, weakened the fire power, also because a production maybe too much clean.

‘Axiom’ is not easy to assimilate: grows step by step, revealing the best song at the end: ‘No Forgiveness’ – with almost a catchy refrain designed by the furious screaming of Herr Warcirmer – and the title track.

Infernal War confirmed themselves as one of the most important act in the extreme metal overview, but if you are looking for the old straightforward avalanche of hate, you have to go back to the previous albums, otherwise check this ‘Axiom’, will fit your need of devastation.


                                                                                                                                                                           (c) Dan Ross

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