Interview: AREIS

Interview: AREIS

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Areis, which in ancient Occitan means “to raise“, is a newly band in the scene, formed by members of Right To The Void and Kombur, debuting with the self-titled album, due to be out via Wormholedeath records on 10th of September. Also, their music is a mix of genres such as death, hardcore, metalcore, black, post-punk.
Some years ago, I’ve interviewed Paul (vocalist and guitarist) by the time Right To The Void was still active, and now, I had the chance to have a chat with him again, about Areis’s debut album mostly.

Salut Paul, it is my pleasure having you here! I suppose Areis was born since you left Right To The Void. How was the band born then?
Hey Carla, thanks for having me. Well, the guys already started playing together for fun back in 2017. When I joined them (early 2019) after the demise of RTTV things got a little more serious and we started the writing process of what would become the album that is coming out in September 2021.

To release the debut self-titled album, you continued to work with Wormholedeath records. How is working with them again?
Working with Carlo (owner of WHD) is great, with the years passing by he became a really good friend of mine. He is doing his best to help us grow and we can’t thank him enough for that!

Listening and going through the songs of the album, there’re a mix of genres: death, hardcore, a little black metal… How would you describe Areis’s sound and music?
This album is a big mix of many metal genres, we all have many different inspirations and we tried to blend it all together, we are really happy of the result. It is very difficult to describe our music in a few words so until we find a more suited label we say that we play some ”Darkened Hardcore”.

What’s the story behind the album?
The lyrics are a lot about the darkness within us, our own mortality, nothing new in metal there I know. But we also talk about some lore from our region that we love: Occitania, in the south of France. The blazing summer sun, some dark true stories that happened in the region etc.

What can you tell me about the album recordings, how were and where was the debut recorded?
We went in Italy close to Venice, at Titans Lab Studio, they have a partnership with Wormholedeath. Ricky is a great dude and a true pro. The recording went very smoothly and we recorded the album in about 2 weeks. Then we sent the recordings to Lewis Johns (The Ranch Production House, England) for mixing/mastering to get this final killer sound.

You also designed the album cover artwork, but what’s the connection between the music and the cover, what does it represent?
Well, at first, the album was supposed to be titled „Eternal Curse” (we went for a self-titled album in the end). The „curse” in the title is death, we can’t escape our own mortality. This statue’s head with a knife in its forehead represents the Sword of Damocles we all have above our heads for our whole life.

 So far, there’re two videos released for ”Under The Sun’’ (my favorite song too) and ”A Wretched Vow’’. Are you planning to release another video?
Ah thank you, glad you like „Under The Sun”! We will drop a lyrics video with the album release on September 10th, more details very soon. And we will shoot another video later by the end of 2021 / early 2022.

 Can you tell why Right To The Void split up?
Oh it’s very simple really, band members left one after another for personal reasons (job, family etc.) and the band just died slowly.

What are the next plans for Areis?
To play live shows!! F*cking finally! And support the album release the best we can!

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