Review: Cryopathic Thanatology “Untold Stories of the Morgue”

Review: Cryopathic Thanatology “Untold Stories of the Morgue”

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Cryopathic Thanatology is a newly formed death metal project by Karnatorh (guitars, bass & songwriting) and Ossilor (vocals) or by their own words: „A death metal project formed from the stench and eerie silence of the morgues in Zagreb town, Croatia!

Your thoughts might be that is another early-death(chuck)-worshiper-andletsrapethegoldencowtillwemakeahit out of it. But in Cryopathic Thanatologys case it’s quite far from the truth; yes, some influences are obvious (mostly old Tampa Bay and the old thrash scene) but there are so much of them and so smartly used that through all four songs they keep you guessing in what direction the tracks will take. This is Untold Stories of the Morgue.

Stare of the Deadlights serves as a great opener for the EP with the surpassingly good used keyboards at the beginning to set the vibe before firing on all cylinders. The fact that the lyrics are about Pennywise from IT is big plus in my book.

Use of keyboards on this EP is sparingly wise; it’s not over the place and at times you forget that was there but when it hits it gets the job done perfectly.

If the keyboards were used more often I would with no problem called them an atmospheric death metal. But as it is, they are death metal project with few surprises, and surprises they have.

As a vocalist myself in Defiant, I must admit to I’m moderately jealous on Ossilors performance. They as straight in the jugular type but at the same time very audible and clear.

The guitars are tight as a nun’s asshole and gives no moments rest in its constant riff changes. By the guitar work you can definitely spot the heroes that this band has but these influences are used in the best possible way. Lyrics are another highlight; by the bands name they are using death and similar topics in a more philosophical way and works very well with the music and the overall vibe.

The only downside I can add is the low budget production, but with the good songs you can go over it. But holy shit does this EP deserve a remaster one day.

Cryopathic Thanatology with only four song EP showed that has a lot to promise. For death metal fans, old and new, this is a must checkout.

Release date: April 22nd, 2021

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