Review: Chaos Over Cosmos “The Silver Lining Between The Stars”

Review: Chaos Over Cosmos “The Silver Lining Between The Stars”

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Last year I listened to an international project Chaos Over Cosmos for the first time and it impressed me a lot: two guys that live on the different continents and never met make the music. Well, seems like there are still lots of ideas and energy to bring them to live because a year later comes their new release named The Silver Lining Between the Stars.

Chaos Over Cosmos is still virtuoso multi-instrumentalist Rafał Bowman (guitars, synths, programming), which was joined on this album by vocalist KC Lyon (he is the third vocalist already, if I remember well). Their music still can be defined as “Progressive Metal with Technical/Melodic Death Elements”, while there is much more melody on a new album than on previous one. However, first thing’s first.

The Silver Lining Between the Stars contains five tracks, which last about 35 minutes, some kind of long EP or a short longplay. Nevertheless, the first track “Violent Equilibrium” already impresses with its time (over 10 minutes) and here Rafał shows everything he got: tempo changes permanently together with the main themes and the music goes from Djent to Progressive and from Metalcore to Death Metal and back, on winding and complex route. Yet, I need to say that we also have a melody here from time.Some keyboards and synths added frequently, while programmed drums sound too fast, unreal fast and here you have a feeling of something artificial. Now I’m talking only about the first half of the song, an instrumental one. In the second half KC Lyon enters with a long roar and good extreme vocals, turning the music into a full song. This mix continues in the next track “The Last Man In Orbit”, not just musically but with the story told by KC. Also some synths are going to the forefront and at some moment music suddenly turns into brutal Death but only to change with fast Progressive Metal and melodic solo.

Instrumental “Eternal Return” starts with quite mighty Melodic Death Metal, reminding of early Dark Tranquility and In Flames but soon music goes Progressive again with a lot of synth. “Control ZED” continues fast and aggressive Melodic Death line with great mix of guitars and keyboards and pretty simple riff in chorus, quite unexpected in such album. KC’s great lyrics for this song are also worth to mention; “Don’t judge us yet. We still have many opportunities to fuck it up!”

The last track, “The Sins Between The Stars” starts slow and reminds some Alternative music with clean vocals and distinct bass line. Further some heavy guitars join the song, vocals turns into extreme but there is still interesting melody, which is more here than just techniques (unlike first two tracks) and great atmospheric synth.

All in all, the new album certainly keeps tendency that was laid on a previous release: the music is various, technical and very interesting. Sometimes there is still a feeling that musicians want to put in one song as much elements from different genres as they can and impress the listener with playing techniques, as it was on a previous album. But there is a tangible step forward for Chaos Over Cosmos in songwriting and composing.

The Silver Lining Between the Stars was released on August, 1st.


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