Interview Cold Raven (By Carla Morton)

Interview Cold Raven (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Vuall, guitar player of Cold Raven, Doom/Black metal band from Italy.


Greetings Vuall, how things are going?
Hi, things are going very well for Cold Raven.

A few words to tell when Cold Raven was founded.
Me and UrielRaka (vocals) have been friends for the last 15 years and have always been great fans of Black Metal. In 2013 we met Haures (Guitars) which was playing with other people at the time. He wanted to do things seriously, but the others didn’t. So we joined the band and went for the recording of our first album about six months later.

You debuted this year with ”Equilibrium and Chaos”, tell me about this album.
This album is very important for us. As I was saying, in less than six months we’ve put our music on a CD, that’s because we were very straight-forwarded. After the recording, we looked for a serious label and we found Sliptrick Records, with whom we’ve signed a good deal, and at the same time we’ve started to work with Eagle Booking Agency to promote the album and to find interesting gigs to play. So we look at “Equilibrium And Chaos” as the first of many goals achieved in the last year and a half, the one that started it all.

Have you got any good reviews about the album?
Yes, we’ve had many, from 7/10 to 8,5/10. We appreciate when the reviewer takes time to listen to the album song by song, and maybe more than one time, because he/she can write a good review. Others just listen to one minute of each song and judge the album. I see that as an insult to any band that’s being reviewed. Recording an album is a tough job, at least listen to it carefully before judging it.

Did you start writing new materials?
We’ll start in January, we have many riffs to be used already.


What are Cold Raven’s influences?
We play anything that feels good to us, with that said, we like many bands such as Dissection, Watain, Emperor, etc.

And the lyrical themes?
Lyrics are usually about ancient religions or cults, anti-christianity, occultism and duality.

Are there any shows confirmed?
Yes, we’ll embark very soon on a mini tour in Eastern Europe (in December). After that the first confirmed shows will be in March. Two shows with Impaled Nazarene, in Italy.

What message do you have for Cold Raven fans?
We would like to thank all those who are supporting us, those who have bought our album and that are coming to see us live. We really appreciate that!

Thank you for your answers, cheers and all the best!
Thank you!


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