Interview Einherjer (By Carla Morton)

Interview Einherjer (By Carla Morton)

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The Norwegian Folk metal band, Einherjer, have released last year the sixth full-length. You can read here an interview with Aksel Herløe, the guitar player of the band, who spoke about ”Av Oss, For Oss’’ and other stuffs about Einherjer.

Greetings Aksel, how things are going?
Hey! All well here.Been busy doing festivals and being creative this year.Having fun playing and do what we do best.

First, tell me when did Einherjer was founded?
Einherjer was founded in 1993 by Frode and Gerhard.

Last year, ”Av Oss, For Oss”, the sixth full-lenght was released. Tell me about it.
This is probably one of the albums which we have dared to challenge ourselves by implementing more of our influences musically. Before we were more inside a frame on how we were suppose to sound.But on the two last albums we have done what we think is cool regardless. We still have our signature.No one can tell us what Einherjer should sound like.We started it and we’ll do what sounds right to us.

Have you got nice reviews about ”Av Oss, For Oss”?
Yes. The feedback has been nothing but amazing,so we must have done something right.
10632791_10152431470533763_4781519054032906154_n Tell me a few words about the other band’s releases.
All of our albums has it’s own sound and expression.In the state of mind and time it was created in.

Who mainly writes the lyrics and what are the lyrical themes?
Frode does most of the lyrics.Built around our heritage,history and what we face every day.

What are the influences?
Our music is a product from where we come from.Our roots.Our history.Our land and environment.All that sorrounds us.

Are you going to tour this year?
No tours in 2015, only festivals. Working on different stuff for 2016.

Do you have a message for the Einherjer fans?
Join us in our quest for world domination!

Thank you for your time Aksel, it was my pleasure. All the best!
Thanx! Viking horns up!

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