Interview Infernal Execrator ( By Carla Morton)

Interview Infernal Execrator ( By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Lord Ashir, the frontman and guitar player of the Black/Death metal band, Infernal Execrator from Singapore.
9773_615389825145919_275133620_n Hi Lord Ashir, how things are going?
Infernal hails Carla! We are preparing on our upcoming execration rites and two vinyl releases.

Tell me when Infernal Execrator was founded?
21st of October 2005

”Antichrist Execration” is the first release of the band as an EP from 2008. Tell me a few words about it.
“Antichrist Execration” was recorded at Studio 47. A total of 6 tracks inclusive of one Impiety’s Sodomythical Frostgoat cover. The EP was released on CD format limited to 1000 copies by Pulverised Records, Singapore. Tape format was released by Croquemort Productions (RIP) and 12” LP was released by Apocalyptic Empire Records, Norway. Limited to 666 copies and 1st 100 red vinyl comes with an embroided Infernal Execrator logo patch

Last year you have released the full-lenght ”Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent”. How the recordings were going?
We recorded all 9 tracks in 3 days and we are very satisfied with the production. Record, mixing and mastering at the same studio with the same sound engineer.
11886185_1065834343434796_124608770967839613_o Who mainly writes the lyrics?
I do and Kommando Antichristo.

Are you preparing for a new album soon?
Not so soon as we have few splits and EP to be release in 2016 before we prepare a new assault.

What are the band’s influences?
Impiety, Marduk, and Angelcorpse.

Any shows confirmed for this year?
We have a few shows this year but none has been confirm yet. We have 3 dates in 2016 to be announce once we have the 666% confirmation.

Do you have a message for the fans?
Execration blasphemers are able to get our CD/LP via these labels:
CD –
LP –

Thank you and cheers!
Infernal hails!

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