Interview Insulter (By Carla Morton)

Interview Insulter (By Carla Morton)

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Interview about Insulter, Grindcore metal band from Turkey.


Hi Yigit, how are you?
It’s going well, we are in recording sessions with other bands. We are all busy.

Introduce the band.
Insulter was formed in 2014 while we were drinking and pissing the streets of Eskiţehir, we thought we should make grindcore. We are all filled with misanthropy and hatred so we should turn it to a grindcore band.

You have released a demo, ”Insulting”. Tell me about it.
We deicide to form the band and then we went to rehearsal studio and our first song ”Chaos” was built in, after we made other songs.

When will you release an album?
We are working on it but all of us have other bands to care. There will be a new release but not soon.

What are Insulter’s influences?
We’re influenced with black and death metal. I tried to combine it like grindcore sound i think it fits.Also our vocal is die hard grindcore and crust/punk fan. Those influences made our structure. Also we are inspired by these bands: Anal Cunt, Magrudergrind, Phobia, Pig Destroyer, Repulsion and Napalm Death.

Any lyrical themes?
First of all lyrics are anti-human and anti-religion.Also we are insulting everything that human made as goverment,politics,morals and “political correct” shits.

Are there any shows confirmed?
We did have two gigs in Istanbul and we want to have concert in another countires but for now there is not a comfirmed show yet.

What message do you have for the supporters?
Buy our demo tape from Underground Resistance Records.Keep grinding in hate and misanthropy. Cheers!

Thank you Yigit, cheers and rock on!
Thank you Carlä stay trve underground!


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