Interview Kurgaall

Interview Kurgaall

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Interview with Lord Astaroth (vocals), about the Italian Black metal band, Kurgaall.

10314025_648096635262478_6080386513180349538_n Hails Lord Astaroth, thank you for this interview, how things are going?
Ave! First thank you and congratulations for your work, things are going very well now in Kurgaall after the problems with the old training, with the changes and the new elements but finally things are back to normal.

To let readers and fans know, tell a little history when was Kurgaall founded.
I founded Kurgaall in winter 2005 for the will of Satan, Lucifer and my maniac obsession for the sacred fire of Black metal. Then were constant lineup changes, I had my first contract with Lo-Fi Creatures label, they released the first album. A massive experience and given one that we made it to know and have been on tour with Gorgoroth and Vader.

Talking about the albums now, the latest release is ”Voluntas Luciferi” from 2014, what can you tell about it?
Yes is the latest release of Kurgaall. The album is fast and has a direct impact typical as a  Swedish Black metal sound with a strong foothold in the satanic lyrics.

Are the lyrical themes mainly about Satanism?
Certainly are about Satanism and include my personal studies on occultims, the rest  no comment!

Are you preparing for a new album?
Yes! The new album will be released in 2016, hell awaits but first will be released a Split with our brothers from Brazil, Goatpenis and Kurgaall does not stop writing new stuffs!

Any shows scheluded?
We are planning now all dates to promote the new album and definitely will be announced shows soon on our social media pages.

How do you see Kurgaall’s fans and do you have a message for them?
Of course! The new album will be yet another confirmation of the will on earth of shining! We are ready to see you as always to our rites shows and without you the circle closes. Ave Satanas!

There exist other plans for Kurgaall?
Nothing exists outside of Kurgaall, is my life, faith and obsession!

All hails Astaroth, thank you for your time and hope to see you soon. Cheers!
Thank for your work and for your flame to Black metal and remember the cosmos is always moving and temples to the east will fall by Ave Lord Astaroth!

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