Interview Martila (By Carla Morton)

Interview Martila (By Carla Morton)

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Left Claymords, Nils Ivar decided not touring at all and start his own music project, an Extreme metal project called Martila.
10423698_665935066884594_8471470600719448016_n Hi Nils, how things are going?
Hi, everything is very good! I have moved out of Oslo, focusing on work, family and music. Got a dog as well, haha. Not less busy, but life is a bit slower here in Hamar.

Beside the band Claymords, you have your own project, Martila. when did you found this project?
The idea started after I decided not to do tours anymore. Last at show at blackened Life Festival in Tula, Russia last year. It was, just until recently just an idea. Nowadays it’s taking shape and music is being made.

You are in the process of recording materials for this project, tell me something about it.
I am aiming at recording 2-3 songs at first, to see where in the world Martila would fit in the business. So much has changed in the industry, and you have no choice than to adapt if you want to survive.

What are the influences?
For me it’s a bit back to were I started, not making everything in standard 4/4 to make it easy. To challenge the listener, and yet at the same time, try to think new. But it will not be pop music, hahaha.

What will be the lyrical themes?
I have always written lyrics about my life, and the world of politics. I have gone through the justice system, to the spy sentence of Arne Treholt etc. I will follow the dark side of my heart in Martila too.

As read, this will be more a studio project, no more live performances.
The aim of this is just to make music and videos. It’s also a thought that I can make music without thinking if its possible to do live, that I have never could have done before.

How do you think things will go with Martila?
I am excited to see things are moving forward, and I hope other people will appreciate it as well, and keep the Claymords fans happy. I hope they will follow.

Do you have a message for those who will discover Martila?
If you like extreme music not to be standard, as a lot of metal is today – stay tuned and add me on Facbook!

Thank you Nils. All the best to you!
Thank You Carla, and thanks for this opportunity. The very first news about Martila!

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