Interview Vortex Of Clutter (By Carla Morton)

Interview Vortex Of Clutter (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Furkan, the bass player of the Turkish Death metal band, Vortex of Clutter.
10409438_10152859913724435_8119505965121255524_n Hi Furkan, how have you been?
Thanks Carla. We are busy with writing new songs nowadays. Aside from that, we are trying to live in a country which life quality descends day by day.

Tell me about Vortex of Clutter, when was the band founded?
Vortex of Clutter was founded in 2008 by our guitar player Zafer. After a while, I joined the group. We have lots of member changes on the road but as founders Zafer and I still here with the group.


You have 2 EP’s and 2 full-lenght, the latest album is ”Eclipse Of Reason Beyond Time” from 2014 released via WormHoleDeath recods, tell me about it.
Yes. We are trying to be a more productive band than the other ‘old’ bands in our country. Since our genesys, we try to create at least one product per year and do concerts. We get great feedbacks for our last album domesticly and internationally. We try to do our best to work motivationally.

Tell me a few words also about the first full-lenght from 2011, ”Source Of Sickness”.
”Source of Sickness” is important because it’s our first album. Compared to our last album it sounds really raw and weak. In that period, the album consists songs that we love and like to share. But then we realize our capacity is much more than that and we can do better. That leads our last album which is more consistent both soundwise and songwriting perspective.

Will you release a new album soon?
It’s hard to say ‘soon’. But there are songs on hand. After writing several more, we will start to work on that together as a group. Afterwards, time will tell.

What are Vortex of Clutter influences?
We follow so many and different music genres and bands. If there is a step forward in music, it influences us.

Who mainly writes the music in the band?
As for now, all songs and lyrics are written by our guitar player Zafer. But in our last album, our other guitar player Ali (newly joined the group that time) includes himself to the songwriting process.

Are there any other plans for the band?
Most important plan right now is to finish our new songs and starting to work for a new album.

What about concerts?
Lastly we had the privilege to play aside with the giants like Kreator, Carcass and At The Gates at the ‘Headbanger’s Weekend’ which is one of the biggest festivals in our country. Beside that we try to evaluate the concert offers and play.

And a last question, do you have a message for the people who support Vortex of Clutter?
Try to support good music. Art is an important step towards thinking. And metal is the most extreme way of doing it!

Thank you for the interview and time, cheers and all the best Furkan!
Thank you too!

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