Interview with Niklas of Ad Infinitum

Interview with Niklas of Ad Infinitum

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Hello! Can you tell us about the overall concept and theme behind your new album “Chapter III – Downfall,” and how it differs from your previous releases?
Hey! The general theme is ancient Egypt, with a focus on Cleopatra and her biography. The big difference from our previous albums is mainly the songwriting approach. Earlier we wrote songs in remote sessions via Skype/Zoom, due to Covid. For Chapter III, it was the first time for us writing songs being together in the same room, and it was an amazing experience.

Each of the singles you’ve released so far has a unique sound and feel. Can you talk a bit about how you approach each song individually and what inspires you to create such diverse tracks?
There are several things that make our sound diverse, I think the biggest one is that we all are listening to different kinds of music. Our hearts beats for heavy music, but every single one of us has different influences and those affect the songs we write. Especially with the former mentioned songwriting camp we had the chance to dig deep and get a close connection with every song.

“Upside Down” combines both epic melodies and demonic growls, showcasing the versatility of Melissa’s vocals. How do you balance the more melodic and heavier aspects of your music to create such a unique sound?
It’s feeling and taste, we try to serve the song. If we feel this song needs to get a heavy attitude in several parts, we try things out, build a bridge and see if it works. Also if it’s the other way around, we just try things out to make the best possible version of our song.

“Somewhere Better” features some truly stunning instrumental work. How do you go about composing and arranging your music, and what role do each of the band members play in that process?
Thank you! Each one of us takes part in Songwriting, usually one starts with an idea and passes it to the other and so on. For this record and the songwriting camp we had two workstations, passing ideas around and switching stations every now and then. We worked on both, previously prepared demos and completely new songs.

The music video for “Seth” has a very eerie and atmospheric feel to it, which seems to fit perfectly with the song. Can you talk a bit about the creative process behind the music video, and how you came up with the concept for it?
Director Vincent de Fallois had the idea of the location, the so-called “Trichterebene” in the famous “Zeche Zollverein” in Germany. It has a unique setting with those literally “Upside Down Pyramids” which fit the general theme so much, I was just constantly smiling when I saw the location 😊 Vincent created a nice and dark setting, to fit the heavy and mystic atmosphere of the song and I think it worked perfectly. And we got help from Feuerschwanz’ Miezen! I loved that!

“From The Ashes” has some clear Meshuggah influences, but still manages to sound uniquely like AD INFINITUM. Can you talk a bit about how you incorporate different influences and styles into your music, while still maintaining your signature sound?
The formerly mentioned diversity of musical taste makes us try out different styles and ideas every time, but it’s very much the cooperation of us four that turns kind of every idea we have into a signature Ad Infinitum sound. If we feel the energy and the general vibe of the song is right, as you can hear on Chapter III, we are eager to try things out and see what we come up with in the end.

“Chapter III – Downfall,” explores concepts of Ancient Egyptian history and mythology. Can you elaborate on how you incorporated these elements into your music and lyrics?
It was not like we forced every song to be in a specific musical scale or we precisely used rhythmic sections that connect with ancient Egypt, we kind of went with the flow of a song while creating a soundscape and atmosphere that fits the theme. The Lyrics discuss that topic more detailed.

How has your songwriting process evolved since your debut album, and what creative challenges did you face while working on “Chapter III – Downfall”?
The former mentioned songwriting camp was the biggest change, and we were so happy with it. You can hear the difference in my opinion, if we write songs being in the same room or if we write in a remote session.

Your sound has been described as a unique blend of contemporary and traditional metal elements. How do you strike a balance between innovation and staying true to your roots?
I personally reflect a lot on what we did before, to not lose connection. But we never block our own road by not trying out new things and ideas.

What was it like working with Jacob Hansen on this album, and how did his production style influence the final product?
It was beautiful, I love his work, his sound, his recording process. Especially the mixing sessions, when everything comes together and we talk about every little detail of each song and try to squeeze the last few percent out of the song, to make it the best version of our creative product.

Your live performances have been highly acclaimed, and you’ve toured with bands like Amaranthe and Beyond the Black. How does your music translate to a live setting, and what can fans expect from your upcoming shows?
Dedication, we want to deliver a unique experience on a very high level to the audience, every time we go on stage. We want to communicate emotions through our music, and when I think back on that tour together with Amaranthe, Beyond the Black and Butcher Babies, I felt it every single night.

The tracklist for “Chapter III – Downfall” includes a range of songs with different tempos and moods, from the intense “Seth” to the ethereal “Somewhere Better.” Can you talk about the process of sequencing the album and balancing these different elements?
We write in general more songs than we actually put on a record, to be able to choose the best-fitting ones for the album. We try to have a wide musical arrangement and diversity while keeping our core elements.

“Legends” features a guest appearance from Chrigel Glanzmann of Eluveitie. How did this collaboration come about, and what was it like working with him on the song?
We played a couple of shows together with Eluveiti last summer and we got along very very well. It was so nice being with them on the road, having nice chats and therefore we asked Chrigel if he would be up for being a guest on this song. We were so happy that he said yes 😊

Finally, what are your goals for the future of AD INFINITUM, both in terms of musical development and career milestones?
First of all there will be a bunch of festival shows this summer, and we are looking forward to those. After that, I can’t tell you anything more about what’s going on, but we are planning some things 😊

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