INVINCIBLE FORCE debuts new track stream

INVINCIBLE FORCE debuts new track stream

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“Bringers of Armageddon” is now streaming here:

Satan Rebellion Metal will be released by Dark Descent Records on March 10 in the U.S., and March 17 (Sound Pollution)/April 2 (Code7/PhD) in Europe. The album can be pre-ordered here.

A ripping and vile blend of thrash, death and Christ-hating black metal, Satan Rebellion Metal will leave a trail of broken and bloodied corpses in its wake. Next to bands like Force of Darkness and Dekapited, INVINCIBLE FORCE are one of the strongest Black/Death/Thrash Metal bands from Chile and highly recommended for fans of Slaughter Messiah, Force of Darkness, Possessed, Nifelheim and Desaster.

Cover art for Satan Rebellion Metal was created by Mark Riddick. The album will be made available on CD, vinyl and digital formats.

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