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kronos_cd_zps2nbwumla Kronos “Arisen New Era”
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The year 2015 is far from over, but I think that “Arisen New Era” is the death metal album of the year for me, because this is a massive and very destructive album. What set this album apart from other death metal albums is that Kronos combines melody, brutality and technicality so impeccable in their songs that it seems that gods created this masterpiece. Seriously this sounds so epic that it is hard to believe that it was crafted by mere humans. Kronos is a French death metal band and “Arisen New Era” is their fourth release. The world had to wait years for the release of this sick album, because their third album “The Hellenic Terror” was released way back in 2007 (such a good album and yet so hard to find). The production on “Arisen New Era” is ferocious. It sounds like Hades himself released the hounds of the underworld to wage war and bring destruction upon the world. The first song “Infernal Abyss Sovereignty” begins immediately with full speed and total brutality, showing no mercy to the listener. This album will mutilate you in minutes!!! The vocals are colossal and sound more menacing than those of the titans. I love how the solos and riffs are played during the songs, melodic yet deadly and will sweep your soul into oblivion. The drumming is so intense that you can feel it in your torso, like someone is holding your heart in their hands and waiting for the perfect moment to crush it. Be sure to check this band out and buy a copy of this masterpiece because I know for a fact that the gods are very pleased with “Arisen New Era”.


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