Svartelder Ink Two Album Deal With Dusktone

Svartelder Ink Two Album Deal With Dusktone

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svarOriginally formed several years ago by frontman Doedsadmiral (NORDJEVEL, DOEDSVANGR), Norwegian Black Metallers SVARTELDER have hit the ground running after a lengthy hiatus. With a freshly inked two-album deal with the Dusktone label, and with a new lineup that includes members of CARPATHIAN FOREST, IN THE WOODS, DEN SAAKALDTE, PANTHEON I and OLD FOREST, SVARTELDER are gearing up to bring their particular take on Norwegian Black Metal to a wider audience.

As well as the two full-length albums, the first of which is set to appear in early 2016, Dusktone will also physically release the band’s “Askebundet” EP, which has so far only appeared in digital format. The CD version will include an additional bonus track that is not available on the three-track digital version, and will hit the streets later this year.

Aside from Doedsadmiral on vocals, SVARTELDER’s new lineup is comprised of Maletoth on bass and guitars, AK-47 on drums, and Kobold on keys. The inclusion of these highly skilled and experienced musicians into SVARTELDER’s ranks has expanded the band’s original sound, which is firmly rooted in Norwegian Black Metal, into something much more fresh and varied, with each member bring with them their own set of influences and a variety of different elements.

It’s no mystery as to where the musicians come from, but who each individual musician actually is still remains a mystery to some. “We really did want to be judged on our output with SVARTELDER as opposed to being compared to the various members’ previous work,” explains Doedsadmiral. “To that end most of the band members have used different names, but from what we have seen on the internet and the messages we’re receiving, most people are already guessing who it is that’s doing what!”

The band is currently working on their debut full-length album and more information about SVARTELDER can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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