Lyric video: Korpiklaani ”Kotikonnut”

Lyric video: Korpiklaani ”Kotikonnut”

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Finnish folk metallers from Korpiklaani announced the release of a new album called Kulkija (Wanderer), set to be out on September 7th via Nuclear Blast.

Below you can watch a lyric video for the song ”Kotikonnut”.

Accordionist Sami, who wrote the track, stated: It’s a mid-tempo song with a lot of melodies. It was surprising how our lyricist managed to write it, he really captured the feeling and the character of the song. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Founding member Jonne Järvelä commented: We’ve never been as satisfied with a final result as we are with Kulkija. We tried to keep it very natural, and that’s what you’ll soon be able to hear clearly. Like the wanderer, this album is a journey, one that makes you feel good. Stay tuned!


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