MAYFAIR “My Ghosts Inside” album details

MAYFAIR “My Ghosts Inside” album details

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may1The release date of the MAYFAIR album „My Ghosts Inside“ on CD is April 15th, 2016.

“My ghosts inside” – MAYFAIR are awakening forces from the comfort zone
On their new album “my ghosts inside” MAYFAIR once again deliver lots of emotions but also surprising new aspects of their music. And so the Austrian prog-rockers – although the musicians are very reluctant to be labelled as such – will not only inspire their fans with their new album but also wow each listener. For all of those who have followed the band for some time, this won’t come as a surprise as their music has always been in flux and no album resembles another.
“my ghosts inside” deals with the theme of spirits that sleep within us, positive and negative forces that can erupt at certain moments and kick us out of our comfort zone. The band has tried to depict those outbreaks both musically and lyrically. Already in the rehearsal room the songs had tremendous depth – the band went on to prove in the studio that they can live up to their own, ambitious goals. For the recording of the album MAYFAIR worked with Thomas “Cook” Koch and Sirius D. Raze – the band share a deep understanding of music with the sound engineer duo as well as a close friendship and several years of common musical experience. Having a clear idea of how the album should sound, the band spent a good amount of time preparing the technical aspects with Cook and Raze before the actual recording. “Mastering Mind” Little Konzett gave the album its finishing touches.
Multi-faceted concept album

While René lets his guitar swing and vibrate ecstatically, Mario at times sings softly, at other times screams out his feelings. The rhythm section is rolling with a booming, sometimes velvety bass played by Johannes and Jolly treats his skins and cymbals sometimes vigorously and at other times with an almost tender bittersweetness by Jolly. “loss” gives you goosebumps, whereas “my ghosts inside” brings you back down to ground with a bump. “desert” is enriched with growls while “blinded by your light” is in turn carried by a heavenly guitar melody. As heard before from MAYFAIR, German sentences or phrases are repeatedly interwoven into the English lyrics – very nice to hear in the groove-driven “when angels and demons meet”. “Our fire starts here”, reminiscent of forgotten times, flows directly into the next track “ghostrider”, a rather hard, diversified song. In contrast, “boom” is sung with such ease that the melody stays with you. “andermal” spirals up into madness to then let emotions run wild in accordance with the next track “schrei es raus”. With “until we meet again” MAYFAIR closes the circle of this concept album and leaves the listener calm but restless.


1. Loss
2. My Ghosts Inside
3. Desert
4. Blinded By Your Light
5. When Angels And Demons Meet
6. Our Fire Starts Here
7. Ghostrider
8. Boom
9. Andermal
10. Schrei Es Raus
11. Until We Meet Again
Total Playing Time: 40:27 min

Mario – vocals
René – guitars
Johannes – bass
Jolly – drums

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