RESHITIVIST Reveal A ‘Commencement By Failure’

RESHITIVIST Reveal A ‘Commencement By Failure’

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Commencement By Failure is Reshitivist’s debut 13 track album that can best be described as blackened death metal, yet each track has its own feel creating a sweeping journey through various sub-genres in what can be classified as death metal at its heart. Lyrically, all the songs span a number of topics ranging from misanthropy, depression, anarchy and transcendence, forming an intricate insight into the composer’s dilapidated view of a cold and broken world.

The whole album was self recorded through an entry level recording interface in a home studio and then mixed and mastered over an 8 month period. It features dark undertones that were captured in a low ceiling-ed, cold, musty garage and added to with dull, natural sounds where they’re meant to stand out, creating a bleak and dark record in numerous ways.

Reshitivist is a one man blackened death metal project from Melbourne, Australia, comprised of multi instrumentalist Adrian “Bage” Zuccon, who resides between the cold, harsh climates of Siberia and south eastern Australia.

Commencement By Failure | Released January 23rd, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Narrative | 02. Unified And Destroyed | 03. Smear Of Potential | 04. Garden Of Shit | 05. Filled With Something? | 06. Disrupt Order | 07. Fabricated And Fucked Up | 08. The Deluge | 09. Spawn (Caduceus) | 10. Lethargic, Frustrated, Brainwashed? | 11. The Arsehole Man (Compassion Meets Severe Anguish) | 12. Resign | 13. Conclusion Omni

Reshitivist is:
Adrian Zuccon aka Bage – All instruments

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Reverbnation | On Sliptrick

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