Review: ARTIFICIAL BRAIN “Infrared Horizon”

Review: ARTIFICIAL BRAIN “Infrared Horizon”

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ARTIFICIAL BRAIN “Infrared Horizon”
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After forming in 2011 and later that year hitting the death metal scene with their single “Lightwaves Birthing Ages” and eventually their 2011 demo and then two years later their EP “Butchering Cosmic Giants” appeared. “Labyrinth Constellation” was their debut full length in 2014 and now three years later they are set to release their second full length titled “Infrared Horizon”. After smashing faces with “Labyrinth Constellation”, Artificial Brain does the same with this new release with their devastating brand of sci-fi death metal. Through this release Artificial Brain pours on the heavy thick with ten punishing, head stomping and neck twisting tracks that bulldoze you one right after another.

This new release from these death metal merchants is unique and engaging as it provides you with much more than strictly death metal and that is brought on by the themes and the atmosphere that they provide you throughout. The themes of this record deal with a dystopian future where humans have long since passed and robots and cyborgs now only exist. What really makes the themes of this record stand out is the atmosphere that Artificial Brain provides for you. The atmosphere throughout this record is twisted and sinister and it almost makes you feel as though the dystopian future is already upon us, or at least closing in. Artificial Brain does a great job of weaving this atmosphere through this record not only to provide you with yet another element that makes each song great, but to provide you with an otherworldly listening experience as well.

Not only does this release contain a great overall atmosphere, but the musicianship is great as well. This release is technical and precise as it roams from a skin blistering pace to a slower more melodic and atmospheric tempo. Everything on this record is sound and crisp from the menacing and roaring vocals, to the production to the heavy and varied riffs to everything in between. Each song is crafted very well and executed flawlessly as well to provide you with an excellent and skull pummeling listen.

“Infrared Horizon” is an excellent release front to back. You won’t find a song on this record that is lacking in any area as each one is just as solid as the last. And finally, it would be a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for when this record appears from the cosmos.

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