Review: Barbaric Horde “Tainted Impurity”

Review: Barbaric Horde “Tainted Impurity”

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Barbaric Horde “Tainted Impurity”
War Arts Productions

If you want something nice and subtle, this is not for you… shit, even you want a modicum of melody, this won’t be high on your playlists either.

Portuguese duo Barbaric Horde have cranked everything way past 11 for their latest offering and the carnage is about as subtle as a clout around the head with a sledgehammer covered in spikes.

This is unashamedly war-ravaged aural violence and about as brutal as it gets, without descending into a chaotic noise. And the fact I actually like it, comes as a major surprise to my aching braincell(s).

I do tend to go for more melodic forms of Extreme Metal… but the small groove section of Death The First Option, for example, is just enough to satisfy my melodious cravings. Of course the rest of the song is full of blastbeats and incomprehensible growls, but hey, that few seconds of conformity were enough for me.

And that’s just about how these guys roll… mainly over you in a steamroller… with the occasional respite.

It’s a cacophony of chaotic drums, deep bass lines that make Cronos look like a maestro. Dirty riffs that barely break through the murky-ish mix and tortured vocals that more than likely are spewing out some war related diatribe.

So whatever they are cranking out, it fucking works. And five tracks coming in at under 17 minutes is perfect for this type of unrelenting onslaught.

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