Review: Beneath the Void “…​into Oblivion” []

Review: Beneath the Void “…​into Oblivion” []

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From the first glance the Hungarian death metal formation Beneath the Void is pretty new on the metal scene, but that’s not so. Almost for twenty years they have existed under the name “Kill With Hate”, focusing more on brutal death metal. And although they were very passive in producing their releases, they were quite familiar with Hungarian extreme metal scene. But now with more sophisticated and progressive views, they are back under new name with debut LP …Into Oblivion, releasing it independently.

These guys are not newbies, and hailing from Budapest, they are determined to pursue greater levels of Central European extreme metal. And choosing a bit different death metal path, it seems like it’s a fun way for them to explore the many possibilities of this not so limited genre. They feel confident, no doubt about that, and even their attempts to conquer modern scene are surprisingly fascinating, never threatening their strong death metal roots.

There’s an interesting fact to notice, four of the five musicians (except their singer Krisztián Gyémánt) have contributed on this record as keyboardists, and so, it would appear that there are lots of synthetic elements. But actually all synthetic parts are pushed into the background, only highlighting some passages for the atmospheric impact (like in intros “Elegy”, “Downwards” and the last instrumental track “Oblivion” with ambient outro). The same can be applied to groove elements; they are really audible through several guitar chords and the passages that are built on mdm/metalcore principles, modernizing the general aura of the album.

Steady death metal rhythmically borders with thrash metal speediness (“Rebellion” or “Terraform”), peppering more slow and static traditional death metal. Melodic lines remind of melodic death with a slight shift towards metalcore direction (“Rebellion” or “Refugee”). And apart of synthetic and symphonic reprieves there are some acoustic decorations (“Absolution” and even psychedelic vibes (“By the Seventh”). And of course the progressive foundation is solid, refining the raw spirit of death metal. And with atmospheric backdrop …Into Oblivion is a perfect balance between raw aggression and intelligent technicality. And surely the impeccable use of two voices – very low death metal growls vs. high-pitched and more modern screams, adds this album the sense of finality.

The cosmic artwork with neon colors and death symbolism (this combo is favored by symphonic deathcore bands) very precisely displays their addiction to death metal traditionalisms and modern views with progressive freedom. And though there aren’t too many overcomplicated elements or unique moves, there’s a kind of futurity in the overall perception, so, if we consider …Into Oblivion a debut album, Beneath the Void has mastered this level with a proud certainty and profound elaboration.

Release date: June 11th, 2021

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