Review: Black Mirrors “Funky Queen”

Review: Black Mirrors “Funky Queen”

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Belgian band Black Mirrors rushed in my playlist absolutely suddenly and it seems it’ll stay there for a long time. Imagine Queens Of The Stone Age with Janis Joplin vocals, add there some dirty grunge sound, Jimi Hendrix electricity, and you’ll get a rough idea about what the band abstemiously call “garage rock”.

Formed not a long time ago, in 2013 at the south of Brussels, the band started to play, perform and now they introduce their debut EP EP ‘Funky Queen’.

An album starts from self-titled “Funky Queen”, where you can hear overloaded bass, interesting guitar and loud, smooth drums. Marcella Di Troia’s vocals combine femininity and some cheer nervousness – kind of Janis Joplin from 90’s Seattle. Very rhythmical and very groovy in the best sense.

“Kick Out The Jam” is a famous counterculturers and American punk grandfathers MC5 cover. Loud and dirty, not worse than original.       

“The Mess” slowing the pace, turning to nearly stoner-rock. The song increasing tempo in the middle, and here comes groovy solo. However it ends sharply and the song returns to initial pattern.

The pearl of an album, as for me, is an ending “Canard Vengeur Masqué”. One more time it’s dirty grungy sound, strongly marked bass, properly marked moments and very feminine vocals. It’s like Mariska Veres (Shocking Blue vocalist, in case you forgot) meets Jack White and they decide to play grunge. Lovely phantasmagoria, which Black Mirrors realized perfectly.

To sum up, be careful with this album – it’s very addictive.


‘Funky Queen’ will be released on March, 3 by Napalm Records.


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