Review: Bleeding Eyes “Golgotha” [Go Down Records]

Review: Bleeding Eyes “Golgotha” [Go Down Records]

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Bleeding Eyes return with their sixth release, bringing with them a darker and heavier approach to their music. All familiar aspects of the band’s sound remain intact, but have been expanded upon and allowed more room to breath. The result is a crushing onslaught of sludgey carnage that maintains the depth and scope that has always been the groups trademark.

Golgotha improves upon Bleeding Eyes signature sound by taking things to a more primal level. Casual listeners may note a decline in production quality, but anything lost on that front is more than made up for by its contribution to the album’s atmosphere. Bleeding Eyes set out to tell a dark and disturbing story with Golgotha, and they use every tool that they have at their disposal. Dissonance and feedback create a fuzzy ambiance that brings you into the proper mindset to fully appreciate the tale being told here. A very dense mix is utilized beautifully to create an oppressive, anxiety inducing atmosphere. It’s honestly uncomfortable at times.

With the band firing on all cylinders, Golgotha provides a shining example of what Bleeding Eyes is capable of. Creativity is taken to the next level with sprawling (yet never meandering) sound collages and noise pieces dotting the album. While such ambient interludes are becoming more and more the norm, and even a bit cliche at this point, these pieces are a real highlight of Golgotha, providing the appropriate atmospherics to propel the albums narrative foward. Musically, the album provides the standard crunchy guitars and pounding drums of any sludge release, but they are expertly accompanied by acoustic instruments and psychedelic noise, keeping things very fresh. Vocals are delivered in a frenzy, like that of an impassioned cult leader addressing his followers. It all comes together perfectly.

Bleeding Eyes have delivered their masterpiece here with Golgotha. An expansive piece of music that at a tight fifty minutes does not overstay its welcome one bit. With spaced out ambient pieces intermingled with crushing sludge, this is at the very least something for the curious to take a peek at. Highly recommended.

Release date: July 31st 2020

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