Review: Breaking the Silent “Breaking the Silent”

Review: Breaking the Silent “Breaking the Silent”

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This is a really nice power/thrash EP, that will make you very frustrated that it’s so short and that the band seems to have only ever released three songs! But even then, it’s a pretty entertaining record with many good things to offer.

Both the riffs and the vocals are very good. The riffs are always fast and angry, played with a lot of speed and passion. They have the rage of thrash and power and heavy metal’s sense of melody. But the vocals are truly something. The singer has a powerful and clear voice that she really knows how to use in every way: she can hold long and high heavy metal notes, sings in a more subdued but still powerful way, give her voice a quieter and more melancholic way, sing in an angry and hoarse way, and do a beastly growl.

The songs themselves have the same versatility, from the melodic yet angry Thou Shall Rise to the thrashier Sacrifice of Mind. It’s quite amazing how in just three songs, the band manages to mix more extreme thrash metal, power metal and heavy metal, melodies and heaviness, and so convincingly. Whether it’s Cry of Fear’s slower and stranger atmosphere mixed with anger and melody, Thou Shall Rises catchy power metal chorus or Sacrifice of Mind’s angry, almost punky chorus, all the songs work.

If I had to say what each song does best, I’d say that the intro on Thou Shall Rise, with its high notes and screams really makes a great opening for this EP. Sacrifice of Mind is the heaviest and a great showcase for the vocalist’s Détente/Sentinel Beast-inspired vocals. Cry of Fear reveals the band’s talent for experimentation.

This is a really well-made EP that shows great potential and skills, and will definitely leave you angry for more… and unfortunately, this is a band that’s pretty difficult to find any information about. But if that’s all they’re ever going to release, at least it’s a very satisfying set of three lone songs.

Release date: April 3rd,2020

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Sophie Laliberté

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