Review BRUTUS “Wandering Blind” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review BRUTUS “Wandering Blind” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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Brutus “Wandering Blind”
Svart Records

OH… Got I time-machine which was backing me to 70’s?!? It seems that this album is just vehicle like that!!! But from other side album is new one, so… Anyway, these three Swedes and two Norwegians who all, as I gather from short biography which I found all lived/live in Oslo. Unfortunately I can’t tell you if there were any changes in line-up or even who plays which instrument (except Johan Forsberg – guit). Other members are: Jokke Stenby, Kim Molander, Knut-Ole Mathisen and Christian Hellqvist. The only thing I know is that band was formed ten years ago.

I know also one more thing. “Wandering Blind” is their third album and contains nine songs of pure and truly ‘70’s Blues/Hard Rock. Everything’s as in a book, as classical as we can only imagine it) Songs are just like it they should be in such type of music – quite long, but with tight-knit structure, quite technical, but without redundant display… In general music is rather calm and in low tempo (not in Doom meaning of course), but in the same time have this something what makes you crazy. Riffs aren’t very complicated, the same as solos, anyway. But in music like that it wouldn’t be welcome, I guess. Of course it’s enough to show technical abilities of guitarist. But he doesn’t swank about this. Just use his technic (just like other members) to create good Hard Rock songs. Songs during which there happen a lot and anybody who listens to it absolutely can’t be bored even a second!

Vocal is of course clean, but also having this something rebellious. Well, rebellious in meaning of decade which this music belongs. In these times this way of singing was almost like growling today – said to everyone that band doesn’t play for “good girls”. By the way, it reminds me (I mean both music and first of all vocal) some really legendary band from England, just from these times which for members of BRUTUS are what they love the most. Well, you must be really deaf to don’t hear this passion in their music. Every chord says us that guys play exactly what is in their hearts and souls!

So if you like Hard Rock in its classic form – just gets this album and enjoy!!!

(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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