Review: Cadaveric Fumes “Dimensions Obscure”

Review: Cadaveric Fumes “Dimensions Obscure”

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Cadaveric Fumes “Dimensions Obscure”
Blood Harvest

Hell knows why, but Metal bands from France were always something like “WOW! So they play there Metal, too?!?” Maybe it’s connected with superstitions about this country, maybe with laziness and lack of promotion… Who knows?!? But the fact is that there always were good bands – to name only such legendary ones as AGGRESSOR or MASSACRA (especially three first albums coz later…).

CADAVERIC FUMES comes from Brittany. It’s historically and culturally different than rest of the country. There’s also totally different language – contrary to French has Celtic and not Latin roots. Brittany became part of France in 1532 after union between Duchy of Brittany and Kingdom of France. Well, as I know life a lot of Bretons look on this in other way then French. Anyway, Brittany has own flag and even anthem.  City of their origin is capitol and second largest city of this land – Rennes. It has of course many attractions on every field we can imagine (especially that it has very long history). But we’re interested only in one of them here – Metal scene!

Well, unfortunately I don’t know anything about it. But if all (or at least the most of) bands representing such level than it must be real El Dorado for Metalheads! Band exists since 2011 and “Dimensions Obscure” is their fourth (actually third coz split and their previous EP has the same tittle and contain the same two songs). Guys since the beginning play, as I see, in the same line-up. Bassist joined a little later, but anyway. OK, let’s talk about music finally!

We have here four songs what as on EP is normal number, or what?!? Musicians call what they play as Death Metal. And indeed it is Death Metal for sure. But I hear here influences of other subgenres of Metal and not only, too. It’s hearable mostly if we’ll listen carefully guitar line. Wenceslas plays mostly in pure Death Metal way, but from time to time we have here also more or less twisted riffs which for orthodox fans of mentioned above genre will be at least strange. The same, maybe in a few less proportions, we can say about bass and even drums. Anyway, riffs aren’t so very complicated. It’s twisted sometimes as I said, but not like “What the fuck he’s doing?!? Is it Metal at all?!?” Contrary! We know whole the time that it’s Death Metal and it sounds just like that! Even if it’s often played in middle or even low tempos. There’re moments when guys speed up, but in general it’s this lowest kind of Death Metal, let’s say. The only thing which will be fully accepted by Death Metal orthodoxies (but only these who’re falling in love with old school one) is vocal. It’s classical growling. Surely adjusted to the music, so it’s rather “calm”. But what I like is that it doesn’t sound like some vomits which makes that we just must believe that there’re some lyrics. At least I understand, when I listen to it carefully, every single word.

OH… Everything’s beginning with intro (which’s integral part of first song). Also here guys made great job – it correspondent with cover-art in idea way – at least for me. I really and truly recommend this stuff! It’s piece of very good Death Metal. And as we know Death Metal has different faces, so…


(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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