Review: Carcass “Despicable” [Nuclear Blast Records]

Review: Carcass “Despicable” [Nuclear Blast Records]

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Well, admittedly this is not a difficult review but it is a complicated review, let me explain. Let’s start off by saying the metal scene is probably split over this one. Anyone who was a fan of the band’s debut and next 2 albums possibly will not enjoy the new EP. Having said that anyone who prefers the album Heartwork over the debut and is a huge fan of later Arch Enemy releases would enjoy this EP considerably.

Personally I did enjoy Arch Enemy (not as much as older Carcass for sure) and Heartwork wasn’t complete garbage to me. I do personally prefer the first 3 albums. So, also having said that let’s go to the bloody meat of this review.

Not letting anyone influence my personal tastes in metal I enjoyed this EP. despite what I have heard many of my peers say this is great! The Carcass style is all here (sounds like them right away) but it also has a lot of melodies worked between more DM grooves similar to Heartwork and later workings. I think the men who are on guitars let a lot of the Arch Enemy style slip into Carcass. Top-quality production of course also with the mixing on this album. I think after reading this if you like me and enjoy great guitar playing and overall musicianship from a band in total, you will also appreciate this release. Like I said at the start this is pretty easy and simple to review without going off with a bunch of nonsense.

Release date: October 30th, 2020

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