Review: Evil Incarnate “Depopulation Agenda” [Bestial Burst]

Review: Evil Incarnate “Depopulation Agenda” [Bestial Burst]

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Ready for some evil and angry death metal? Because this is what this album is all about. It’s a really fun piece of simply angry and really heavy music.

We start with a lot of rage, with the relentlessly heavy Bound in Angel Flesh and its proclamation of “death to all that lives”, said in an evil-sounding growl. You already know what to expect from this album. The rest follows with the same heaviness all the way, the same sick vocal performance, and other little elements that contribute to the evil and eerie mood of the album.

Those little elements are extracts from the possession scenes in The Exorcist in Killed by the Lions or a character talking about how much he enjoys killing people in Walk Among the Burning Churches. I must also mention the quite impressive vocals, which are usually a low growl, but also can turn into high-pitched screams, and into eerier raspy and high growls.

The riffs are definitely another remarkable element of this album. They can sound extremely heavy and threatening, and also turn into some wild, almost thrash-metal like solos. They can create simple and brutal tracks like Words Of Scorn or longer and more slowly menacing songs like Walk Among the Burning Churches. They can play pretty convincing old school death metal throwbacks like the Dismember cover Override Of The Overture. Like the best death metal records, this one can thrash, can play slower like in doom metal, and always has a threatening sound and morbid imagery. There are some definite vocal and instrumental skills on this album, and there’s also enough songwriting talent to make those tracks sound threatening and dark, in a fun way.

This is an album that sounds really heavy and angry, with some really sick and evil-sounding parts. It’s a great way to let go off your anger and have fun. And it never loses steam, it always stays just as heavy and fast and evil, and it’s short and consistent enough to never overstay its welcome. If you need something some nice angry and straight to the point album, check this one out.

Release date: April 30th, 2020

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