Review: CORE OF CREATION “Optimal Configuration”

Review: CORE OF CREATION “Optimal Configuration”

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CORE OF CREATION “Optimal Configuration”

My interest in ex Yugoslavian (former country in the western Balkans) metal bands faded in 1990’s. And just when I thought nothing can surprise me, in positive way, I got EP of Croatian sympho metal band Core of Creation. If I had to guess where they come from, Croatia would be at the bottom of my list.

Cover art (signed by Dora Jovanovska and Mario Strlek) represents mechanical heart. As that is the first thing you have to notice when you have CD in your hands, it tells a lot of what can expect you inside.

Optimal Configuration is concept EP. The main idea is development of humanity. COC gives us their vision of the impact of technology on human society.

What stands out is virtuosity, great arangements, good lyrics, amazing production, great male vocals, and I have to say solid female vocals. Ines is a beauty among beasts, so that might be the reason why she sings so shy. She has beuatiful voice color, but she needs to spread her wings. With great potential, practice and experience she will reach perfection.

As it is the rule, symphonic metal leans on keyboards and drum section. Guitars have never had the main role, and although in my mind metal equals guitars, here I can enjoy without shredding. Drum secction is a killer. Orchestral parts reflects Dimmu Borgir influences.

Petar Škvorc showed his enourmus talent. Of course, with the help of bandmates, if COC continue following the road they choosed, I think the bright future awaits not just the band, but Croatian metal scene.

Track list:

  1. Entropy of Life
  2. The New Design
  3. Sin of The Flesh
  4. The Omega Point
  5. Moving Data

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