Review: VHÄLDEMAR “Against All Kings”

Review: VHÄLDEMAR “Against All Kings”

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VHÄLDEMAR “Against All Kings”
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Earlier this year we published review of Vhäldemar EP Old Kings Visions which announced their full-length album Against All Kings. (

From the moment I got the album, one day did not pass that I did not play it in full. For a couple of times. Now I know what addiction is.

Back to EP. It was perfect overture to upcoming, 5th studio album of Spanish metal warriors, Vhäldemar. Against all Kings followed the success of an EP. Album contains 11 songs:

Metalizer, Old King’s Visions (Part V), Agains All Kings, Eye for an Eye, I Will Stand Forever, Vulcano, Howling at the Moon, The Last to Die, Walking in the Rain, Rebel Mind and Titans in D Minor.

Against All Kings is great collection of pure heavy metal songs influenced by 80’s sound. It has all qualities to place itself as one of the best albums in 2017.

Each song is more powerful than previous one. Every single riff pumps energy to the veins, and you simply need more of it.  Even Titans in D Minor is the only song with slower tempo compared to other ten songs, it has power to make you calm and after listening it, repeat the album again, and again…

Pedro demonstrated his virtuosity and had proven once again he is highly skilled guitar player. Drums are just moving the mountains. Pounding choir and piano sections are placed just perfectly.

The beauty of the album lies in guest appearances. As Carlos said in interview for Antichrist Magazine (

“It´s something that we have never done in the past, this time we wanted fans or friends could offer this talent in this album, great musicians!!!”

Great decision! Alberto Rionda, Roma, Diego Zapatero, Ruben Miranda, Iñaki Lazcano were the smart choice and key factor, so I can give Against All Kings the epithet: the best album in Vhäldemar’s career.

If you ever wondered what kind of mutant child of Accept, Grave Digger, Primal Fear and Judas Priest would be… Vhäldemar it is!

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