Review: Destruction “Born To Thrash” [Nuclear Blast]

Review: Destruction “Born To Thrash” [Nuclear Blast]

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A year ago Teutonic Thrash Metal legends Destruction released their 16th album Born To Perish. This year the band quite unexpectedly releases a live album Born To Thrash, a little consolation for the fans, but still better than nothing, especially when there are no concerts and it’s not clear when it will be back.

“We recorded this special show on the release weekend of our Born To Perish record last year, at Germanys awesome Partysan festival. We had the very spontaneous idea to do a live album in those difficult times, where the fans and us bands are longing for concerts. – Says vocalist and bassist Schmier, – This might help us a bit to keep the spirit, bring us some joy and great memories back. This is also the first live record of Destruction as a four piece since the legendary Live Without Sense album. The current line-up is the strongest we ever had – and of course, this shows best on a live stage!”

Born To Thrash is relatively short for a live album: 10 songs last about 50 minutes but it’s enough to feel the atmosphere of the live concert, enjoy it and don’t get tired of it. The playlist apparently was made to please all the fans – those, who started to listen to the band in 2000s and oldschool ones. The only songs from the latest album here are “Born To Perish” and “Betrayal” and the others cover early band’s works and more recent albums equally. The selection of the songs is also good for another reason: they all merge to one long and very aggressive Thrash attack. Schmier gives some rest to fans from time to time: his speeches in German last exactly to take a breath between mosh pits but not to get bored and go from stage to take some beer.

Some songs like “Curse Of The Gods” and “Nailed To The Cross” can also be found in previous live albums and this is an opportunity to compare how Destruction sounded earlier and how they sound now, with four band’s members (Damir Eskić officially joined the band in 2019).

The quality of was always a problem for live records and I can’t say that everything is ideal in Born To Thrash. Let’s say it’s good. All instruments can be heard, the sound is not bad at all, maybe “dry” a little bit but it’s inherent to the oldschool Thrash Metal. Schmier’s vocals (vicious roaring, which sometimes goes to high-pitched shrieks) sound on a par with guitars. On one hand you expect to hear the vocals a little bit louder but on the other, you can hear (and dismantle) the lyrics well, so there are no some specific claims. Again, about the atmosphere of concert: the crowd’s sing alongs like “Nailed to the fucking cross!” are really immersing.

Born To Thrash is not a compilation of best songs or live version of the last album. This is the demonstration of strength and skills. Destruction‘s music is aggressive and relentless; it will not allow loosening up. These musicians really hold the crowd at their fingertips and interact greatly.

A digital version of Born To Thrash was released on May, 8th and on July, 17th Nuclear Blast release this album on CDs.

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