Review: Diabolus Amator “For The Fortress Of Satan”

Review: Diabolus Amator “For The Fortress Of Satan”

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Diabolus Amator “For The Fortress Of Satan”

For those who are  still unfamiliar with the blasphemic underground US Kvlt bands this must be the case to explore some Trve US Kvlt from Texas. Diabolus Amator is an entity revising the presence of four members: Lord Matzigketius – Vocals, Abyss – Drums/Studio Instruments, Morbid – Bass, Parageist – Live Guitar. This is a band to keep an eye on. Recently they launched a premiere single track from their new 2018 upcoming album entitled ‘For The Fortress Of Satan’, entitled “At The Release Point Of Vengeful Artillery”. In fact, what caught my attention was the sharpness and the cold precision played by this band. The satanic war terror is coming.

A terrifying war atmosphere dominates the track: super fast drums and very furious accelerated riffs reminded me at some point the atmosphere of Marduk, [boots on the ground guys] super fast, coldness, sharpness, precision – what else can you pretend from this US Trve BM band! Excellent track! Well, the single goes on the same line and direction with previous material and especially previous tracks like “Ravenous Fog Of Deceitful Winds” from the 2016 full length Despotic Conjuring Of The Soullless’.

Anyway, it seems to be a very good news and a very good 2018 start for Diabolus Amator and also for the US Black Metal. Curious to listen to the new album in full.

Reccomended for trve black metallers.

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