Lyric video: Victim Path “Faceless Nameless”

Lyric video: Victim Path “Faceless Nameless”

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Belarusian Dark Black metal band Victim Path releases new lyric video, entitled “Faceless nameless”!

Dark way of metal formation VICTIM PATH started in 2009. The lyrics of the team are based on the theme of misanthropy, pain, loneliness of a human being who is deprived of a right to be god’s creation. The denial of religious postulates, rules and dogmas of everyday life is the main idea of the hard music of the group.

In April 2009 the world got the first spit from the team, it was demo-album “In life we trust”. It was done in the black metal style. On the 22d of November the material was published on Depressive Illusions Records label.

In the beginning of 2012 the first full-time 40-minute piece “Surrounded by pain” was recorded. In august 2012 the album came out as a release on label POSSESSION PRODUCTIONS (

In this time the band in serch for new label for release the second album.

During its existence the band shared stage with: Shining, Vesania, Christ Agony, Imperium Dekadenz, Totalselfhatred, Lychgate, Raventale, BlackDeath, TeitanFyre, Arvet, Khasm and etc.

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