Review: DØDSFALL “Døden Skal Ikke Vente” [Osmose Productions]

Review: DØDSFALL “Døden Skal Ikke Vente” [Osmose Productions]

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Dødsfall are a well-known Black Metal band from the Norway / Sweden area. Having released plenty of material in the last ten years, including full length albums: Den Svarte Skogen, Kaosmakt and Djevelens evangelie. It’s time for their long awaited release of Døden Skal Ikke Vente via Osmose Productions. 29th Of January 2019 is a great day for Dødsfall indeed. Ten tracks spanning 48 minutes is what I’d call a worthy as a 5th album.

The first thing I was struck by when listening closely was the production. Instruments are bright and stand out in the mix when their time has come to shine. This is clearly a blessing offered up between Producer Tore Stjerna who’s responsible for work with Mayhem, Behexen and Funeral Mist and Dødsfall vocalist, guitarist and bassist, IS. Dødsfall have the guitar tones, they have the vocal talents and the right type of heaviness in the drums from their new drummer Telal. Do they muster the right kind of attitude for BM? I’m certain they’re doing their best.

Dødsfall (to my mind) sound like a mix of Marduk and an earlier Septic Flesh. Reaching and stretching for epic riffs, mostly hitting their mark. Now and again there’s a flash of genius, something that gives hope for the coming moments. Sometimes it’s pulled off perfectly and a few times I hear the guitar pull away from an obvious dynamic. It left me wondering – it cannot be that they didn’t want to be obvious or try to shy away from clichés in the genre… With respect to the band, they sit nicely in this respect. Perhaps it was a request by Osmose?

Tack 6: ‘I De Dødens Øyne’ is a great example of where Dødsfall hit their best – vocals are lush and very well executed – a flash of brilliance which is pulled off with pitch perfect dynamics. All too quickly it’s gone. Acoustic guitars are brought in and although beautiful sounding, it’s misplaced in general. The album is laced with back and forth melody vs the harshness of Black Metal riffs. Something I do appreciate and in general they’ve pulled off. I just cannot help but think perhaps it could have been a little better. There’s such promise in the music and yet…

If you’d like to hear their new album I suggest Bandcamp is the place to go, or head over to Osmose if you want to order a physical copy.

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