Review: Gus G. “Fearless”

Review: Gus G. “Fearless”

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Gus G “Fearless” (AFM Records)

If I’d have to describe Gus G in one word, that might be fearless.

Greek prodigy child was brave enough in 39 years to stand behind dozen of projects. Best known by his cooperation with legendary Ozzy Osbourne, Mystic Prophecy, Night Rage, Arch Enemy,  Gus G is founder of band Firewind, Dream Evil and had been signed as guest musician at numerous projects (Dragonland, Cans, Doro, Exhumation…).

Gus G had left Thessaloniki in early age, went to US, attended Berklee College of Music and left it only after few weeks. Another fearless decision. It seems, based on his decisions and achievements,  his primal life motto might be: who dares-wins.

On April 20th, 2018, via AFM, Gus G released his 4th studio album „Fearless“. This time, he joined forces with vocalist/bassist Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Unisonic) and Will Hunt-drummer (Evanesence, Black Label Society).

Dennis and I have collaborated very closely for a number years, he produced the current Firewind album Immortals, among other things. We’re on the same musical wavelength and simply continued our cooperation after the Firewind production. 

I sent him demos of and ideas for my new songs and once we had enough material and started to think about vocalists, Dennis suggested recording the album as a trio. A lot of people don’t realize that Dennis is not only a brilliant songwriter, bassist and producer but also an excellent singer. I immediately liked his suggestion because this would be very different from everything else I’ve done before.

It was only a short step from the enlistment of drummer Will Hunt. Will was at the very top of my wish list. Fate smiled on me because we played at the Frankfurt music fair 2017 during my tour with Steve Stevens, and Will stayed at the same hotel. So I approached him, we talked for a while and he agreed. Last August he came to the studio and recorded the drum parts for the whole album within two and a half days. A real pro with a great groove and an awesome punch.

The first song, intentionally or accidentally titled “Letting Go” will not let you go, not for just that song, but the rest of the album. Drums and guitars, thunder and light, if you are asking me, no vocals should be involved, especially cause at some parts desperately lean on Ozzy Osbourne.

Back in 2016, in an interview for Antichrist Magazine Gus said:

Honestly, I’m not a fan of instrumental guitar albums. I think it is cool to have few instruments on album, but I like to have vocals, I like to have songs. Listening to guitar for 30-40 minutes only, with no voice, for me it’s a little bit boring. Plus it’s just hard to beat all that classic albums, Satriani and Vai. I never had aspirations to be instrumental guitar player. But I realize that people like that. At the same time I don’t want to be put in the corner, I like the effect that song can have on somebody, to somebody’s life. To me that’s just more important than just playing stuff on the guitar.

Ironic or not, “Fearless”, instrumental stands out, and it is not boring at all. So, Satrianai and Vai, beware!

Besides “Fearless”, Dire Straits cover is at top of my list of favorites songs from this album, “Money For Nothing” with delicate lyrics change, keep up with modern times.

This album might be surprise for hard core metal fans who expected nothing but shredding. Basically mid tempo, hard rock vocals, so as the production this album is not made for the masses, but for the ones who appreciate individuality of genius. It would be extreme stupid to write anything than guitars are more than perfectly recorded. You can not expect anything less from  one of the best guitarist at the end of XX and the beginning off XXI century.



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